Perfect Spine Alignment & Support

This is the Leg pillow on TV that Relieves pressure on the hips, cushions the knees and legs and assists with blood flow for a better nights sleep.
LEG Pillow on TV
morning show Leg Pillow

Superior Lumbarch Concave Design this Leg pillow

Naturally compliments the curvature of the leg allowing your top leg to be even with your lower leg giving you perfect spine alignment. Spine aligning leg pillowscan be great for relieving any pain associated with sore back. If you saw this on TV or one of the morning shows you would see how much people are loving the lumbalign Leg pillow.
adjustable LEG pillow

This Leg pillow Relieves Pressure

by helping to align the back with the hips, cushions the knees and legs
and having a cooling leg pillow also helps and Assists with blood flow giving you a more comfortable rested night sleep
LEG cooling pillow

Helps Align Your Spine

Keeps you in the ideal sleeping position giving you perfect spine alignment

Cooling Gel Technology

Cooling gel cells on both sides help you stay cool while you sleep

Charcoal Memory Foam

Responsive memory foam bounces back to keep its shape

Airflow Active Fabric Cover

Machine washable hygienic pillow cover

Cooling Technology

Lumbalign Leg Pillow features 30 individual cooling gel cells on each side reducing body temperature to keep you cool and comfortable all night long
TV LEG Pillow
worlds first adjustable LEG pillow

Airflow Active Fabric

is removable and machine washable, so you know you’re sleeping on a clean and hygienic pillow
cooling technology LEG pillow

Perfect For All Sleep Positions

Lumbalign molds to your body and moves with you
Fits everyone no matter what your height or weight
For full leg alignment, you can even use 2 Lumbalign leg pillows
leg pillow as seen on tv
  • Poor Alignment
  • Pain and Discomfort
  • Pressure on Joints
  • Perfect Spine Alignment
  • Relieves Pressure and Pain
  • Assists with Blood Flow

Washing Instructions

Pillow cover
Inner Foam